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9 Considerations for a Successful Wet Wipe Product Launch

Choose Your Fabric Wisely

Do you understand the pros and cons of polypropylene, polyester, spunlace, thermal-bonded, biodegradable and dispersible fabrics? Or how to choose one for your specific wipes application? If not, find a partner who does.

Chemistry Substantially Affects Fabric Choice

Unique formulas and raw ingredients can impact the balance of wickability and release with particular fabrics. Different chemistries offer different challenges with fabric compatibility, so your formulator and manufacturing partner must have expert knowledge of how formulas react with different fabrics and how to adjust if necessary.

Know Your EPA & FDA Requirements

If launching a regulated product—like a hard-surface disinfectant or hand sanitizer—are you familiar with organism kill claims, efficacy studies, federal requirements, state label guidelines and international regulations? When launching a disinfectant wipe, be sure you secure your formula and organism claims before you start the lengthy regulatory registration process.

Don’t Forget About Labeling

It’s easy to focus on formulation, fabrics and counts, but don’t ignore labeling and performance claims. Regulatory requirements can be extensive, and you need a partner who can help you navigate the unique intricacies.

Select the Right Type of Label

Shrink sleeves. Adhesive wrap labels. Litho. Silk screen. Choose a label type based on appearance and branding, legibility of artwork, cost and production efficiency.

Avoid Any Preservative Surprises

Your formula must have proper preservatives to kill off any microorganisms or bacteria that could grow on your wipes substrate, so a proper preservative challenge test is imperative.

The Right Canister Can Help You Sell More

The right canister can make all the difference. After all, it’s what your customers see first. You’ll want to select a canister with a particular retail or professional application in mind, and also based on how much fabric and what size sheets you’re putting inside.

The Lid Should Complement the Canister and Your Brand

Choosing a lid isn’t as simple as what fits on the canister. You may want a domed lid instead of a flat lid for retail applications. Or a fabric-threading feature for professional use. Or a particular color to reinforce your brand.

To Seal or Not to Seal

Most professional wet wipes applications call for a seal underneath the cap to ensure the wipes stay wet. Most retail wet wipes do not have a seal, instead relying solely on a tight-fitting cap.

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