Last week’s post discussed FDA and EPA requirements for labels, and also dove into the importance of proper preservatives. Today’s post takes one more look at regulatory requirements, and visits the different types of labels available.

(5) Proper Labeling Is a Regulatory Requirement. Labeling typically provides an aha moment for those wishing to launch a wet wipe product. For example, as discussed in section (3) Know the FDA and EPA Requirements, personal care wipes such as those for baby care, hand washing or makeup removal are regulated as cosmetic products and must be properly labeled in compliance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act and the Fair Packaging and Labeling (FP&L) Act.

Labeling of personal care wipes must state prominently the name and address of the manufacturer, packer or distributor. The label also must state the net quantity of contents to enable consumers to make value comparisons.

Figure 3: Automated single-pack manufacturing line.

Wet wipe products used in healthcare environments are regulated as Class I Medical Devices by the FDA. The FDA has many labeling-related requirements to help ensure that medical devices are used safely and effectively. As such, labeling requirements may address adequate instructions for use, servicing instructions, adequate warnings against uses that may be dangerous to health or information that may be necessary for the protection of users.

Wipes intended to disinfect or sanitize and wipes containing insect repellents are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Labeling requirements include information such as a net contents/net weight statement.

Once regulatory requirements are met, a decision must be made about the type of label placed on your product. Multi-Pack Solutions offers expertise in wet wipe canister and single-pack labeling. Canister labeling options include wrap labels and shrink sleeves, and individual-wipe options include various custom-printed film substrates in a wide range of sizes.

(6) Select the Right Type of Label. Appearance, branding, readability, cost and production efficiency are considerations when choosing a label for your wet wipe product. Multi-Pack Solutions’ labeling capabilities include wrap, front and back, shrink sleeve, in-mold and dry offset screen printing, as well as custom film printing for single packs.

Next week’s post will discuss options and considerations for choosing canisters and caps.