Last week’s post delved deeper into regulatory considerations. Now, we discuss how the right canisters and caps, and the decision to seal, can make the difference in a successful launch.

(7) The Right Canister Can Make a Difference. The shape, size and even the color of your wet wipes canister can affect your sales. Selecting one with your application and end user in mind is critical. The size of the canister is dependent upon sheet sizes and the amount of fabric to be housed inside. Packaging options include a wide range of canisters, caps, refill bags and buckets, and pouches for retail and professional applications.

With solid industry experience and supply chain relationships, Multi-Pack Solutions provides go-to-market consultation and packaging capabilities that include:

  • Canisters: 70mm round, 80mm round, 105mm round, 120mm round, 120mm tapered, 4″H oval, 4″H oval with finger grips, 6″H oval, 8″H oval, special order, custom molds
  • Buckets: 7″W mouth, 8.25″W mouth, special order, custom molds
  • Caps: Flat, domed, with threading loop, standard colors, special-order colors
  • Canister sealing
  • Fully custom sachets and single-packs
  • Refill bags and pouches

(8) Choose a Lid That Fits Your Function and Brand. Choosing the right lid for your wet wipes product isn’t as simple as using one that fits the canister. Your retail application may dictate a domed or flat lid. Or a fabric-threading lid may be necessary for an industrial use. Color selections are important as well, as you seek to distinguish or reinforce your brand.

A good contract manufacturing and packaging partner will understand the wipes manufacturing business and consumer preferences. For example, a flip lid for a baby wipe product likely is not the best option for a personal care wipe. Multi-Pack Solutions has the experience and expertise to help you select the best lid for your product’s application and end user. And our exhaustive list of supply chain partners gives you access to a broad range of primary and secondary packaging options, along with valuable sales and marketing advice.

(9) To Seal or Not to Seal. Most industrial wet wipes call for a seal underneath the cap to ensure that wipes stay wet with optimum evaporation protection. Most retail wipes do not have a seal, rather wipes stay moist with a tight-fitting cap. Again, it is important to know who will be using your product and how it will be used. Understanding consumer preferences—especially in the personal care marketplace—is key when launching a new brand.

Multi-Pack Solutions is experienced in every phase of the production and packaging process, from master roll to finished product. Our fully automated wet wipes manufacturing line is built for speed, accuracy and project scalability. This state-of-the-art line features built-in quality assurance functions such as a reject function at each major production station, Statistical Process Control (SPC) capabilities and exclusive ultrasonic fabric tacking that eliminates the typical presence of glues in automated canister stuffing.

This commitment to continuous improvement is displayed in our superior quality systems that address procedures, equipment and processes. This longstanding commitment to quality and innovation makes Multi-Pack Solutions a trusted wet wipe manufacturing partner.