-March 2016-

It is with much excitement that we announce Span Packaging Services, in Greenville, South Carolina, and Multi-Pack Milwaukee, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have changed their names to Multi-Pack Solutions™. As you may know, Span and Multi-Pack both have rich histories in contract packaging that began in 1987 and 1999. Since then, Span and Multi-Pack have grown substantially, adding significant capacity and new product and service offerings, while remaining focused on our number one priority of providing first class contract packaging and new product introduction services to our customers. For the last several years, Span and Multi-Pack have been part of Multi-Pack Solutions, a portfolio of three companies with broad contract packaging capabilities. We feel now is the right time to align our branding across all three portfolio companies, so that we can offer our customers the benefit of our full line of capabilities and industry expertise.

We’ve come to recognize that many of our customers aren’t aware of this full breadth of capabilities. In fact, we manufacture and package water-soluble pouches in Mt. Prospect, Illinois; wet wipes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and tubes, bottles, and single-use packets in Greenville, South Carolina. We continue to hear from our customers that this ability to extend their product line across so many packaging formats is one of our greatest values as a partner. Now, as one unified brand across all locations, we’re much better able to tell this story.

This is a change in marketing name and logo only, and everything remains business as usual. Our legal names will remain Span Packaging Services, LLC and Multi-Pack LLC, so there will be no need to update contracts or other agreements. The same great people with decades of expertise are still here, and we remain dedicated to delivering innovation, speed-to-market, and the highest levels of service.

You’ll soon begin seeing updates that reflect this change, including: Emails will come from @multipacksolutions.com instead of @spanps.com; phones will be answered as Multi-Pack Solutions at all three of our locations; and invoices and other documents will have the Multi-Pack Solutions logo.

Please be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for many more exciting updates. Thank you for your partnership, and welcome to the new Multi-Pack Solutions!