Multi-Pack Solutions periodically offers internship opportunities across our many functional roles. Our current interns have already made important contributions to chemistry, engineering, and waste reduction projects.

Ben is currently interning at our Chicago location. He has previous experience in supply chain consulting at Coyote Logistics, and is currently looking into ways to analyze available data to reduce waste and improve costs for Multi-Pack Solutions. Ben received his BA degree from Duke University in 2016, and is an active board member of America SCORES Chicago. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering, outdoor activities, sports, and travel.

Zach is completing a mechanical engineering summer internship at our Greenville, SC facility. Zach is a rising junior at Purdue University, majoring in mechanical engineering. Zach has helped our Greenville team improve efficiency in some of our automated production lines. He has also provided valuable assistance to our engineering team on many projects. In his free time, Zach enjoys basketball and water sports.

Jacob is a summer chemistry intern at our Greenville, SC facility. He is providing valuable analytical and equipment support in our on-site chemistry lab. Under supervision, Jacob helps perform a variety of laboratory tests. He is a chemistry major and a rising junior at Furman University in Greenville with a background in organic synthesis. He has enjoyed getting an industry perspective on analytical chemistry through this internship. In his free time, Jacob enjoys flight school and playing the french horn and piano.