We’re excited to launch our new Whitepaper series, providing in-depth education and expertise on the Contract Packaging industry, from wet wipes manufacturing, to the newest trends in water-soluble packaging, to regulatory considerations.

These whitepapers serve to provide practical and in-depth education on important topics in the contract packaging industry. Our first paper, “Four Key Ingredients for a Healthcare Contract Packaging Solution”, looks at the critical evaluation points of a healthcare contract packager. We’ll be publishing the Healthcare paper here weekly, in four parts.

You’ll also get a sneak peak at our new Contract Packaging Science™ series, which will be launching soon to provide unbiased guidance and considerations for putting your product in common packaging formats, such as bottles and water-soluble pouches.

We hope you enjoy this new series; it’s part of our commitment to be a preferred contract packaging partner by providing value and expertise that can’t be found anywhere else.