Multi-Pack Solutions held our annual National Sales Meeting last week, in Greenville, South Carolina, where our 2016 Sales Awards Winners were announced. Congratulations to Don Fritz, winner of the President’s Award for top sales person, and Scott LeBlanc, winner of the Circle of Excellence for runner-up.

Don and Scott are true industry subject matter experts, in water-soluble pouches and wet wipes manufacturing, respectively, and both exemplify our core values of delivering Innovation and Speed-to-Market, with a strict Focus On the Customer. Congratulations, Don and Scott!

Don is pictured above left next to Steve Crass, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing, and Scott is shown second-from-right next to Mark Maybee, President & CEO.

And congratulations to Elva Sturgill, below left, and Judi Smith, for being best-dressed at the meeting! Elva leads our customer service team and Judi leads our project management group, both in Greenville.Multi-Pack Solutions Best Dressed